Hi! Welcome to my blog!
Kim, 5'3", healthy weight, US, east coast.

I post about being active, delicious, healthy food, loving yourself, a happy life and some personal stuff which might include my cat :)

I love peanut butter, coffee, pretty much all food :) I love to run, lift weights, do yoga...anything that's fun and keeps me active and healthy.

Feel free to ask me anything! <3


Did back and biceps today 💪 no cardio (other than warm up) because I didn’t have time and I’m walking with a friend tonight.
Breakfast which was not enough! 🍴 already eating my snack 🍎
Adulting in fun shoes. 👠
Happy October 🎃

In addition to drinking stress relieve tea, I’ve decided to incorporate yoga back into my life and now I’m excited about it :) I’m really going to make an effort to do all the little things (that add up) to make every day easier and less stressful.